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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules    Thu Jul 24, 2014 6:00 pm

Forum Rules

No Flaming

All profiles MUST be FULLY filled in, this is so admins can take things into consideration if there is a problem!

All releases must have Virus Scan ("Unless posted by a Admin")

Posting of cracked Content is allowed only if video proof that it works

No one word replies

Torrents are allowed if you post the torrent file as some users may not be able to access torrent sites Torrent Files should have a High Seed Count

Any and all Programs must have Photos and a video of the program running and a how to set it up and how it works

If you add a mod or admin on Skype, you MUST send them a message with your Ei8htsins Username otherwise we will reject your request!

Any one that gets banned may not make a new account if you do you will be IP Banned and Mac Address Banned

VPNs are not allowed on this site VPN IPs are automatic IP Ban The hosting Provider does this to keep out Unwanted LEECHERS

Any mod you see on this site may not be posted on another web site if you see any site that you see a mod released on that site let a Mod or Admin know and we will have it removed from there site

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Forum Rules
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